First of all thank you for taking the time to review our company site. We are Full Software Development Life Cycle enablers. We often enter a company to find plenty of Talent, lots of Subject Matter Experts, Executives that know where they want to be but can’t seem to get the technical talent or project/product managers to see their vision. 

We have a passion for solving problems with software and the ability to gather (drag) requirements out of stakeholders, explain the methodology and the solution in way they understand and can become key part of the process. 

We can build software teams both on-shore or off, we always look for ways to save expenses and have a history of delivering on agreed deadlines. When we say team we mean the whole team, from BAs to Testers, to PM and developers. Being an experienced developers ourselves we will bridge the gap between technology and your business needs. 

 Contact us to explain you need and see if we can help.